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Labalaba Sound & Art

Are you a singer-songwriter or composer seeking for help with shaping, producing and/or recording your music? Are you a vocalist looking for custom-made backing tracks? Or do you need authentic music for your commercial, movie or (corporate)documentary?

I can help you!

LabaLaba Sound&Art is a full service company that helps artists and musicians of all different backgrounds and genres. Whether you need help shaping musical and lyric ideas, recording your songs, or arranging instrumentations, my recording facilities have anything you’d need to produce a professional musical project.

In addition to recording, LabaLaba Sound&Art also offers mixing and mastering and can provide you with studio musicians for your project as well. I can even take on creating the album artwork that goes along with your tracks.

To learn more about what LabaLaba Sound&Art can do to make your musical dreams a reality, contact me at:


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