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Mixing and Mastering

During the mix process al the individual tracks (like the vocals and the different instruments) are combined together in one final stereo mix. All parts are leveled in volume and panorama, until every element fits in like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. During this phase, precise audio-editing processes like equalization and compression and audio effects like reverb are applied. The mixing process can be compared with the work of a cook, who mixes the different ingredients of a dish until they are balanced well and then seasons them with herbs and spices.

Mastering is the audio post production process where the final mix is being prepared for reproduction purposes on mechanical media (like CD) and/or distribution to streaming platforms (like YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music) and digital downloads. The final mix is brought up to industry level, by means of dynamic audio level compression and audio limiting. Where necessary additional corrective equalization is applied.

Mixing and Mastering

Ideally there should be some days between the recording process and the final mix, in order to regain some objectivity and a fresh approach. The same goes for the mix and the mastering.

In addition to the mixing and mastering of projects that were recorded and produced in the Current Vibes Studio, I also perform mixes and masters for independent parties.


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