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Music Production

Whether it’s for a demo, an EP, or a full album, LabaLaba Sound&Art can help you with every aspect of production. Every session is tailor made to fit your needs as an artist and my process is customized to fit the unique sound that you (and your band) bring.

The customization can include anything from me arranging/performing/programming and/or hiring session musicians, or we can let you do your own thing in the studio.

This can be as hands off or as hands on as you need it to be. You’re in the driver’s seat.

How does the production process work for me? That may differ per occasion.

Music Production

I often work with singer-songwriters who primarily want to register their songs and performance in the best possible way, for a demo, single, EP, or album. Just the same way they’re used to do it in a live situation, for instance by accompanying themselves on guitar or piano. I listen to their work in advance, either live, or in demo form. If necessary I come up with suggestions or additions with regard to the musical/lyrical content and form. Subsequently I will plan a recording session. After the recordings come the mix and the mastering process. If requested I will also do the audio post production, the artwork and the correct delivery for reproduction.

There will also be situations where the artist (or band) has certain ideas about how the music can be further decorated. In those cases I can help with translating those ideas to proper arrangements. For instance; an initial recording of a song consists of just a vocal with an accompaniment of an acoustic guitar, but the artist wants a fuller sound, for example with drums, bas and piano. A mandolin part. And an electric guitar solo. Keyboards perhaps? How about some drum loops? A horn section maybe, or a string quartet? It’s all possible. I take care of the arrangements, or I’ll help shaping them. I can also perform those parts , either by playing and recording them, or (where applicable) by programming. Another possibility is hiring additional session musicians during this stage. In this scenario, just like in the situation described above, after the recordings come the mixing stage, the mastering and the eventual follow-up process. Needless to say that there will be close consultation during the entire production phase, making sure that the client ends up happy with the final product.


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